Dive Into Nostalgia: VTV's New Retro Sticker Collection Launch

Dive Into Nostalgia: VTV's New Retro Sticker Collection Launch

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Vintage Tee Vault's (VTV) latest treasure trove: a sticker collection that’s all about retro vibes and vintage cool.

A Blast from the Past

Remember the days when mixtapes were the language of love and arcade games were the ultimate test of skill? VTV's new sticker series is a homage to that unforgettable era. Each sticker is a portal to the past, from neon-lit palm trees to jukebox jives, crafted for the old soul in every modern hustler.

Quality that Speaks Volumes

Our stickers aren’t just about the aesthetics; they're built to last. Made with premium vinyl, they promise durability and a finish that's resistant to scratches, sunlight, and rain. Whether you’re decking out your laptop or your locker, these decals stay vibrant and true, just like the eras they represent.

Sticker Spotlight

  • Retro Rhythm Box: This jukebox-inspired piece is for the music lovers who appreciate a touch of analog in a digital world.
  • Bold Block VTV Logo: Simplicity meets style with this monogram that’s both sleek and chic, perfect for the minimalists.

Mix, Match, and Make It Yours

VTV stickers are designed to be as unique as the people who use them. Mix and match to create a layout that’s all your own. Showcase your style on the back of your phone, the cover of your notebook, or the side of your skateboard.

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